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Access Control

Access Control Provision & Services


Kent Electrical Solutions provide Access Control Services

Kent Electrical Solutions offer an access control service ranging from CCTV systems to full security design packages.

Access Control can be as basic as a simple card reader or electronic fob to allow employees to enter there workspace. Some systems also offer the option to log activity so the client can keep track of how there area is being used. Separate card/fobs can also be given different access to certain areas if permitted.

We will arrange a meeting with the client to understand the suitability of their security needs. We can also offer advice and different options as we are fully aware that this market is forever changing and not everyone knows what systems are out there.

All of the systems we offer and install will comply with various aspects of the Data Protection Act. Each system should be managed in compliance with all relevant parts of the General Data Protection Regulations 2016.

As a pre-dominantly electrical company, we can offer a one stop shop for our client as we can install all additional power requirements needed for your system, along with any containment and wiring.

All works will be tested and certified upon completion.


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