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Data Cabling

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Over 10 years commercial experience with Data cabling and infrastructure

Kent Electrical Solutions have over 10 years experience with Data cabling and infrastructure. As most industries need higher speed networks, they are opting for Cat6 installations compared to Cat5 and Cast5e.

As with Cat5, Cat6 is a standardized twisted pair cable although offers a much higher specified performance of upto 250MHz in comparison to 100MHz for Cat5/5e.

Cat 6 cable must be installed correctly to be able to work at its maximum peak. Cabling cannot be kinked or have a bend radius that is too tight. There is also sometimes a requirement to install cable shielding to avoid data corruption in high electromagnetic interference environment.

We can supply and install all sizes of Data Cabinets and patch panels to suit clients needs. All data can be tested and certified on completion.

At Kent Electrical Solutions, we understand each site is different and has different requirements, from Schools and colleges to large private sector businesses. We make sure we fully understand the brief given, and excel to meet the clients demands and needs, while offering a rest assured approach to the each and every project.


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