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Location: St James Street, London
Job Description: Lighting, Power, Data

As projects go, they do not come much cleaner than this one. A brand new Cat A fit-out with new flooring throughout.

As there was a raised access pan tile floor, this made easy work for us when running in all cabling. We had costed to run in 170no. Cat 6 data cables from new Data cabinets, (which we also supplied and constructed) out to all wall modules and 30no. 3 compartment floor boxes. These floor boxes were powered by Electrak tap off leads which simply plugged into lengths of Electrak we had laid previously.

The idea behind using this power system, is that it gives the user multiple options when placing employees around the office workspace, and can be easily adapted for future changes and redevelopment. For this reason, we always leave a 1m coil of cable under each floor box loose laid. With the floor power and data complete, we then run cabling to the roof for the Air Conditioning contractor, leaving him a 32 amp rotary isolator to supply their unit.

As with most office fit-outs, the original lighting that was installed needed moving to suit the new layout, each boardroom that came equipped with a TV now needed switching, and additional emergency lighting needed to be installed. As for the TV install, this was undertaken by others, although we supplied each one with the cabling infrastructure needed. This being 1no. double socket, 1no. Cat 6 module and 1no. HDMI lead presented in a single gang brush plate to keep everything neat and tidy. The HDMI leads were then wired into the relevant floor box under each board room table, offering the client an AV solution that can be linked with the TV for presentation purpose.

As an approved NICEIC Contractor, and upon completion of the project, all works were tested and certified. As fitted drawings were marked up and handed to the client within an O&M manual. The site was left in a clean working order and the Project Manager thanked us for all of the hard work and co-operation.


Location: Tower View, Kings Hill
Brief: Relocate existing power, data and lighting

As this office was in constant use, it was agreed that all works would be undertaken outside of normal working hours therefore not disrupting the day to day running of the workspace.

Because the project was to be done over weekends only, it had to be split into phases which we were capable of completing by the end of play each Sunday. In each phase, we were set targets to hit which we delivered each and every time without fail.

All power and lighting was back on and operational for when the client returned to work on the Monday morning, we tried to make it look as if we hadn’t even been in. As most electrical wholesalers were closed over a weekend period, we had to be organised and ready with any materials needed well in advance. Additional works were added to the programme, but all was complete within the clients budget and timeframe.


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