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Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Provision


Kent Electrical Solutions can supply and install your fire alarm detection system

Whether it is your home, your office or your multi-storey office block, Kent Electrical Solutions can arrange to supply and install your fire alarm detection system. Each fire alarm has a number of devices working together to detect and warn, through visual and audio appliances that a fire is present.

When installing a commercial system, there are two types of options, first being Conventional. In a conventional system, the area is setup into zones so easily detectable and isolated. The other option is a fully addressable system where each device is given a number/code. This will then speak to the fire alarm panel, and in turn, address any issues that arise, telling the panel exactly where the issue is.

As a fire alarm system is put in place to protect or save lives it is important that we install to latest regulations BS 5839-1 Fire Detection and alarm Systems for Buildings. These regulations provides guidelines as to what is expected when installing any fire alarm. It also states that installation works should also comply to the latest edition BS7671 regulations.


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